International Organization for Migration

Analysis Flow Monitoring and Human Trafficking Surveys in the Mediterranean and Beyond.

This report contains an analysis of the responses provided by migrants and refugees traveling along the Central Mediterranean and the Eastern Mediterranean routes. The Central Mediterranean sample is composed of 2,769 responses of migrants interviewed in 39 different locations in Italy. The Eastern Mediterranean route has a sample of 2,560 interviews with migrants conducted in 21 different locations in Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Promoting a common understanding of Migration Trends

The UN Migration Agency (IOM) in Egypt has released a publication entitled, Promoting a Common Understanding of Migration Trends which proposes an alternative and innovative methodology for interpreting economic migration flows. The model presented in the publication helps in building evidence-based labour market and demographic scenarios to support countries of origin and destination of labour migrants in improving managing migration flows in an economically efficient and humane way, for the benefit of all. The publication is written by IOM Consultant Prof. Michele Bruni, whose research for over 20 years has focused on the development of stock and flow models and their application to the analysis of the labour market.


IOM Middle East and North Africa Regional Strategy 2017–2020

The International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) Regional Strategy for the Middle East and North Africa sets out key objectives to guide IOM’s operations, strategic positioning and policy and advocacy work for the period from 2017 to 2020. While not a summary of the full breadth of IOM programming in the region, the objectives represent priority areas for action to improve the conditions and impacts of migration for individuals and societies, address acute and structural challenges in migration governance, and contribute to meeting international commitments and standards.

Not lost and not forgotten. Syrian children are fighting for their future with education

Six years into the armed conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic, the situation continues to deteriorate. Over 5 million Syrians have taken refuge in the five neighbouring countries – Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt, nearly half of them are children. An entire generation of Syrian children and youth are living through conflict and displacement. For many of them, this is the only life that they have experienced. They are on the verge of becoming a lost generation.

Diálogo Internacional sobre la Migración No. 26: Seguimiento y evaluación de los aspectos referentes a la migración en los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible

La presente publicación contiene el informe y el material complementario de los dos talleres celebrados en 2016 bajo el tema general “Seguimiento y Evaluación de los Aspectos referentes a la Migración en los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible”, en el marco del Diálogo Internacional sobre la Migración, principal foro de la OIM para el diálogo sobre las políticas migratorias. Los talleres se celebraron en Nueva York los días 29 de febrero y 1º de marzo, y en Ginebra los días 11 y 12 de octubre de 2016, respectivamente.

Legal Migration, Rights, Protection for Vulnerable African Migrants Key to Implementation of 2015 Valletta Action Plan: IOM

IOM will highlight the need for more legal channels, better migrant protection and the centrality of human rights in its contribution to discussions starting Wednesday (8/2) at the first intercontinental, high-level meeting to follow up on progress made since the Valletta Summit on Migration held in November 2015. Marking the occasion, IOM is releasing the second edition of its yearly report on cooperation with the EU. The new report looks at the IOM-EU partnership from 2015-2016 through the lens of joint efforts in implementing the Valletta agreement, and IOM’s work funded by the EU Trust Fund for Africa. IOM-EU Cooperation on Migration and Mobility: Addressing the Valletta Summit Priorities Together examines how IOM and the EU are working together across the five priority domains agreed at the Valletta Summit in 2015: development benefits of migration and addressing root causes; legal migration and mobility, protection and asylum; prevention of and fight against irregular migration, migrant smuggling and trafficking in human beings; and return, readmission and reintegration.