Bahrain: ‘No one can protect you’: Bahrain’s year of crushing dissent

Index number: MDE 11/6790/2017. Since June 2016, Bahrain has rapidly deteriorated into a full-blown human rights crisis. The authorities have dramatically stepped up their clampdown on freedom of expression. They have subjected over 160 peaceful critics to arrest, prosecution and imprisonment, as well as other forms of harassments. Those particularly targeted have been human rights defenders and political activists, as well as lawyers, journalists and Shi’a clerics. Credible reports indicate that security forces have subjected several of them to torture or other ill-treatment in custody. The authorities have also targeted Bahraini activists residing outside Bahrain, subjecting their families to interrogation and prosecution in reprisal for their relatives’ human rights activities or participation in protests abroad.


Bahrain: Window-dressing or pioneers of change?: An assessment of Bahrain’s human rights oversight bodies

Index number: MDE 11/5080/2016. Five years have passed since the government agreed to adopt the measures the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry report said were needed to address the serious human rights violations committed during the 2011 uprising and hold those suspected to be responsible to account. The Bahraini government claims that the human rights oversight bodies it created, the Ombudsman of the Ministry of Interior and the Special Investigations Unit, have served this purpose. Much work is still needed to break the country’s long-standing culture of impunity. The Ombudsman and the Special Investigations Unit need to urgently address their failings if they are not to lose credibility.


“The Blood of People Who Don’t Cooperate”. Continuing Torture and Mistreatment of Detainees in Bahrain

This 84-page report concludes that security forces have continued the same abuses the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) documented in its November 2011 report. The commission was established after the fierce repression of pro-democracy demonstrators in February and March of that year. Bahraini authorities have failed to implement effectively the commission’s recommendations relating to torture, Human Rights Watch found.

Bahrain: Behind the rhetoric: Human rights abuses in Bahrain continue unabated

Index number: MDE 11/1396/2015. Amnesty International has monitored human rights developments in Bahrain for many years but never more closely than in the past four years, which have seen widespread violations by government security forces. These have included torture and other ill-treatment of detainees, unfair trials, the imprisonment of prisoners of conscience and unlawful killings, with those responsible all too frequently escaping accountability. This report documents many of these human rights violations and recommends a series of measures that the government should take if it is committed to ending abuses and upholding the rights of all Bahrainis without discrimination.