“One Day I’ll Kill You”. Impunity in Domestic Violence Cases in the Brazilian State of Roraima

This report examines systemic problems in responding to domestic violence in the state. Human Rights Watch documented 31 cases of domestic violence, and interviewed victims, police, and justice officials. The organization found failures at all points in the system for responding to domestic abuse.



The detention of asylum seekers in Europe. Constructed on shaky ground?

The detention of asylum seekers pending the examination of their application for international protection continues to provoke heated debates in Europe. While the use of immigration detention is generally on the rise in European countries as an integral part of their responses to migration flows, the detention of persons applying for international protection raises particular questions of legality and proportionality. International and European legal standards have established a clear presumption against the detention of migrants and refugees in particular. The case law of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) continues to remind governments that immigration detention concerns persons who have not committed any crime and therefore can only be used for a lawful purpose, as a measure of last resort, and subject to procedural guarantees protecting individuals from being subjected to arbitrary detention.



Poder sin el pueblo: evitando el colapso de Venezuela

La violencia va en aumento en Venezuela y ha costado la vida de 70 personas en más de dos meses de cada vez más enérgicas protestas contra un gobierno que está abandonando la democracia representativa. Los países de la región deben evitar una catástrofe humanitaria presionando al régimen de Maduro para que retire sus planes de elegir una asamblea constituyente fraudulenta el 30 de julio.



Ukraine: anti-torture committee concerned about police ill-treatment and poor conditions of detention of remand and life-sentenced prisoners.

In the report on its November 2016 visit to Ukraine, published today, the Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) expresses serious concern about the frequency of allegations of ill-treatment by police officers (such as slaps, punches, kicks or blows with a truncheon or a plastic bottle filled with water). In most cases, the ill-treatment was allegedly inflicted by operational police officers attempting to obtain confessions or other information. In a number of cases, the CPT’s delegation also gathered medical evidence consistent with the allegations made. The CPT calls upon the Ukrainian authorities to pursue a policy of “zero tolerance” of police ill-treatment.


https://rm.coe.int/pdf/1680727931 (resumen ejecutivo)


Uganda: “Help has not reached me here” – Donors must step up support for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

Index number: AFR 59/6422/2017. More than 900,000 refugees have fled the brutal conflict in South Sudan and sought safety in Uganda with over 1000 refugees arriving each day. Uganda has a progressive refugee policy which is lauded by the international community, however, states have failed in their obligation to help Uganda and have not provided an adequate response to this crisis. This has meant basic needs including access to food, water, sanitation, health care and shelter not being met. The report calls on donors to urgently meet financial needs and support for technical assistance required to support Uganda’s progressive refugee policy.



No Country for Human Rights Activists. Assaults on Bloggers and Democracy Campaigners in Vietnam

This report highlights 36 incidents in which unknown men in civilian clothes beat rights campaigners and bloggers between January 2015 and April 2017, often resulting in serious injuries. Many victims reported that beatings occurred in the presence of uniformed police who did nothing to intervene.