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Eyes on the Ground: Realizing the potential of civilian-led monitoring in armed conflict

(27/07/2017). This report is about harnessing developments already in motion internationally to produce better information about human rights and IHL violations in situations affected by conflict. Its main contention is that local civil society actors can be enabled, with the help of modern technology, to become central actors in the processes of monitoring, documentation and reporting. Empowering local activists has not only practical value, in that these activists often have the closest access to victims of violations, but normative value as well, because it makes monitoring more inclusive, participatory, and meaningful to local populations. The basis of this report is the experience of the Ceasefire Centre for Civilian Rights and Minority Rights Group International in implementing a system of civilian-led monitoring in Iraq between 2014 and 2017, which is presented as a case study to illustrate one possible application of the approach put forward throughout the report.

Crossroads: The future of Iraq’s minorities after ISIS

Minority communities in Iraq fear their ancestral lands will be stolen by government-backed forces as ISIS is pushed back, a new report finds. Territories ‘liberated’ from ISIS months ago remain occupied by Shi’a militias, Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraq Security Forces while Yezidis, Christians, Shabak and Turkmen have yet to return, a coalition of international NGOs reports.



Peoples under Threat 2016

With the refugee crisis far from over, the failure to address persecution in states where peoples are under severe threat makes further mass population movements inevitable, says Minority Rights Group International (MRG). The international human rights organisation launches today the 2016 Peoples under Threat index and online map, which seeks to identify those countries around the world that are most at risk of genocide, mass political killing or systematic violent repression.


Between the Millstones: Iraq’s Minorities Since the Fall of Mosul

Minority communities in Iraq have been targeted by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) in a systematic strategy to remove them permanently from large areas of Iraq, says a group of human rights organizations in a report launched in Brussels today.

The report provides critical information on the legal basis for war crimes prosecutions and follows a hearing on religious minorities in the European Parliament.


No Place to Turn: Violence against women in the Iraq conflict

14,000 Women Killed So Far In Iraq Conflict, Thousands More Abducted: New Research. Escalating violence in Iraq is taking a devastating toll on women, according to a new report released today by the Ceasefire Centre for Civilian Rights and Minority Rights Group International.