Martinets, migrants, and militants: The drawn-out saga of Libya and the ICC

(24/07/2017). When International Criminal Court Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda addressed the UN Security Council in May, she assured the assembled nations that Libya was a priority in 2017. Halfway into the year, there’s little sign of progress or justice.

Forced separation: life inside Myanmar’s Rohingya and Buddhist camps.

After violence exploded in Myanmar’s western state of Rakhine in 2012 between Muslims and the Buddhist majority, some 140,000 Rohingya now live in segregated camps. About 10,000 Buddhists also remain displaced by the conflict that still simmers three years on.

Much aid, little long-term impact in DRC.

Aid agencies have sunk hundreds of millions of dollars into eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in the past two decades. But seeing little long-term impact or prospect of stability, some are now calling for an overhaul of the way aid is delivered in the long-troubled region.