Access to justice for migrant workers in South-East Asia.

(28/07(2017). (Report from International Labour Organization (ILO)). Labour migration has been an important factor supporting the growth and development of the South-East Asian region, filling labour shortages in countries of destination and providing much needed employment opportunities for workers in countries of origin. However, in spite of the vital role women and men migrant workers play in increasing the region’s labour market efficiency, they are often subjected to abuses during recruitment and employment and are unable to make use of the social protection benefits to which they are entitled. 

Cambodia: Taking to the streets: Freedom of peaceful assembly in Cambodia.

This report reveals a pattern of human rights violations in the context of assemblies: the imposition of arbitrary restrictions on freedom of peaceful assembly; the unnecessary and excessive use of force by security forces; and the use of the judiciary to harass and imprison those who organize and participate in them. A culture of impunity surrounds human rights violations committed in the context of assemblies, with not a single official or member of the security forces held to account for the often violent repression of protests in Cambodia. Index number: ASA 23/1506/2015.