Afghanistan: The Future of the National Unity Government

Asia Report N°285. The power dispute between President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah is imperilling Afghanistan’s fragile security and recent economic progress. To avoid the collapse of the U.S.-brokered National Unity Government, both actors must end political partisanship and prioritise the public interest.


“Education on the Front Lines” Military Use of Schools in Afghanistan’s Baghlan Province

The report documents the occupation and other military use of schools by state forces and the Taliban in Baghlan province in northeasternAfghanistan. It is based on interviews with more than more than 20 school principals, teachers, and administrators, as well as local families affected by the conflict. As school districts across Afghanistan increasingly find themselves on the front lines of the country’sarmed conflict, students risk their lives at schools being used by soldiers which may become military targets, or are deprived of an education until facilities are found elsewhere.


“They Bear All the Pain”. Hazardous Child Labor in Afghanistan

The report, “‘They Bear All the Pain’: Hazardous Child Labor in Afghanistan,”documents how child workers work dangerous jobs in Afghanistan’s carpet industry; as bonded labor in brick kilns; and as metal workers. They perform tasks that could result in illness, injury, or even death due to hazardous working conditions and poor enforcement of safety and health standards. Many children who work under those conditions combine the burdens of a job with school, or forego education altogether. Working compels many children in Afghanistan to leave school prematurely. Only half of children involved in child labor attend school.