US: “My family was in shock” – The harm caused by the President Trump’s executive orders on travel to the US

Index number: AMR 51/6207/2017. US President Donald Trump had been in office for exactly a week when he issued an executive order barring the entry of people from seven Muslim-majority countries and slamming the door on refugees. And when the courts halted the first executive order, his administration pushed out a second order with largely the same provisions, which, in turn, was promptly blocked by litigation. Motivated by anti-Muslim animus, and disproportionately impacting Muslims, both executive orders violate the principle of nondiscrimination, codified in treaties binding upon the United States. They evince a view of immigrants and other non-citizens that is intolerant, bigoted, and offensive. Besides documenting the harms caused by the first executive order during the relatively brief period in which it was in effect, this briefing paper describes the situations of people who are still awaiting US visas, some of whom could be irreparably harmed if the US courts were to rule that the second executive order is constitutional.


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