Crisis Overview 2015: Humanitarian Trends and Risks 2016

In 2012 ACAPS launched the Global Emergency Overview (GEO). Since then,
we have provided a weekly global overview of humanitarian crises. This report
is the first attempt to use the three years of data we have gathered for the GEO to
identify long-term trends in humanitarian needs and build scenarios outlining
potential change for countries in crisis in 2016. The aim of the report is to
deepen collective understanding of how needs have evolved over time in some
of the most severe humanitarian crises in the world. It is our hope that we can
contribute towards a more robust shared situation awareness across the
humanitarian sector and inspire thinking that will ultimately help to improve
support to crisis-affected populations. At the same time, it is important to
acknowledge what this report does not do. It does not aim to provide a global
severity ranking. The data that is available and our approach is not strong
enough to achieve any kind of meaningful comparative analysis of crisis. The
most important aspect of this report, therefore, is the qualitative analysis.

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